I personally do not have anything available at this time.   If you are interested in a papillon, please contact me through my "Contact Us" page.  Please answer the questions about yourself.  The more I know about you the better I will be able to help you in your search.  If I don't have anything available I may know someone who does.  If you would like to be referred on please let me know that too.

Please know that finding a papillon right now is not always quick.  It may take some time, so please be patient.  The right dog is worth waiting for.  

Things you should know about papillons :

1)  Papillons shed... correct single coat is manageable, but they still shed.

2)  Papillons bark... while in a group they bark far more than those that live alone 

3)  Papillons can be potty trained.  It does take work on the owners part, but they are a smart and highly trainable dog who tries hard to please their owners.  All of my dogs including the intact males are potty trained and have good house manners.