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If you are interested in a Papillon, or have any questions about the breed, please feel free to send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.


If you are interested in a Papillon, please tell me more about yourself.  I like to know:


  • Where do you live.... City/State as well as type of housing (house, apartment, RV etc)

  • Tell me about your yard and fencing  

  • Please tell me about the people living in your household as well as any other animals you have 

  • Tell me about your interest in owning a Papillon (pet, show, performance, breeding)   

  • Lastly, do you work outside of your home and if so how much time would your dog spend alone or in a crate on an average day?  


When placing a dog the most important thing to me is that the fit be perfect for both dog and new owner.  The goal is a forever home, so the more information you can provide the better. 

I do not breed often and those that are not kept are offered to carefully screened homes.  I do not place dogs before 12 weeks of age and I do not ship dogs.  Pets are placed on spay/neuter contracts.  I like to keep in contact with the dogs I breed as well as their families.  I offer a lifetime of support to both.  It is critical to me that my dogs are in the best home possible and if things do not work out they come back to me, no matter when or why. 


Thank you!


Danni Peterson

Email me at:

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