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Remani's You're Welcome

Date of Birth:  04/17/2023


PRA1 Clear by parentage

NAD Clear by parentage


Bred by:  Danni & Emilie Peterson  

Owned by:  Janice and Dan Golden  

1 maui Janice.jpeg

AKC Points
Champion requirements:
Points:  0        Majors: 0
Grand Champion requirements:
Points:0        Majors: 0
Events w/CH Defeated: 0

1 maui Azalea.jpeg

CH Riesa N Passionpaps Grand Adventure With Riffraff

1 havoc b.jpeg

Remani's I Love You To The Moon

1 luna b.jpeg


nb Maui head.jpeg
nb Maui body.jpeg

1 Weeks

1 week Maui Head.jpeg
1 week Maui Profile.jpeg

2 weeks

2 week Maui Head.jpeg
2 week Maui Profile.jpeg

3 Weeks

3 week Maui Head.jpg
3 week Maui Profile.jpg.jpeg

4 Weeks

4 week Maui Head.jpg
4 week Maui Profile.jpg

6 Weeks

6 week Maui Head.jpeg
6 week Maui Profile.jpeg

8 Weeks

8 week Maui Head.jpg
8 week Maui profile.jpg.jpeg

Remani's You're Welcome
"Koloa" originally Maui

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