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The image below is original artwork done by Susan Waddington.  It was done in the likeness of my girls Wiloh and Tyndall.  Sue does amazing work, clicking on the photo below will take you to her Etsy site.




Shannon of Kenleigh's Fiber Arts also does amazing work.  She created this sign for me, the felted dog was done in the likeness of Roxie.  Click on the photo below, and visit her website.

Many of the photos on my site were taken by Kristen Lewis of KL Pet Prints.  She does dog shows as well as private shoots.  We had a wonderful afternoon in our back yard taking fun photos of the dogs.  The dogs loved her and she captured them beautifully.  Thank you Kristen.  I would highly recommend her for your photography needs.  Beautiful work and at a very reasonable price.  Click on the photo of Amber below for a link to Kristen's website.  (Some of my photos from Kristen didn't have her business mark on them, but I want to take the time to recognize her work and acknowledge it here)

amber 97.JPG

The following are websites of other breeders, click their kennel name to visit their sites.


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