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BonnieJean Fast and Furious to Remani



Date of Birth 10/28/2018


PRA1 Normal/Clear by parentage

NAD clear/normal by parentage


Bred by:  Danni Peterson, Bonnie Kost & Emilie Peterson  

Owned by:  Michelle and Jeff Brocato

Click photo to view Jax's pedigree
jax bully stick.jpeg


CH Adaugeo The Force Awakens at Remani


UCH BonnieJean Just Alice

alice 2.jpg
pedigree finn x alice.jpg

6 weeks


Jax 6 weeks.jpeg
Jax 6 weeks 1.jpeg

8 weeks

jax 8 weeks front.jpeg
jax 8 weeks profile.jpeg

Handsome little Jax (4 months) enjoying his toys (left), and Jax and his sweet momma Michelle (right).  Such a wonderful life he's living.  Started puppy school at 4 months.  He's going to be a smart little well mannered boy!

JAX baby obedience.jpeg
Jax obedience tie.jpeg
Jax and Jeff.jpeg
jax down.jpeg

Jax navigated puppy school and passed with flying colors on 4/23/2019 just before he turned 6 months old.  He is a Diamond in the Ruff and such a good boy.  Look at his cute little down stay!  I am so proud of Jeff and Michelle for their hard work making sure that Jax will be an enjoyable and well behaved ambassador to our breed!  He is going to continue taking classes and perfecting his skills!  Good job Jax!

Jax Birthday.jpeg
Jax hoof.jpeg
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