Below are the litters bred by us since 2014.  Clicking on the litter photo will take you to the individual litter page.

Woody x Wiloh  10/12/2014

Wil x Shimmer 11/9/2014

Wil x Shimmer 7/10/2016

Disco x Darlyn 11/22/2016

Ronnie x Wiloh 11/6/2016

Finn x Darlyn 5/19/2017

Derby x Eddy 11/18/2017

Marty x Darlyn 6/27/2018

3 weeks group 3.jpeg

Finn x Amber   8/23/2018

Alice and puppies.jpg

Finn x Alice   10/28/2018

litter 2 weeks.jpeg

Finn x Brighton 02/02/2020

group 4.jpeg

Imp X Amber 07/06/2020

group 4.jpeg

Marty X Halley 01/04/2021

missy and pups.jpeg

Higgins x Missy 05/20/2021

2 week girls.jpeg

Finn x Winnie 05/24/2021

Puppies group_edited.jpg

Elijah x Halley 09/14/2021