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Born January 4th, 2021

Bred by Danni & Emilie Peterson




CH Cadgets Back to the Future


Remani's Shooting Star


This litter is PRA1 and NAD clear by parentage

Marty and Halley gave us two beautiful girls.








This is a very special litter for me.  They were born just days after my dad was placed on hospice with congestive heart failure.  Dad always loved my puppies and was one of my biggest fans.  He was always excited to know about puppies and to see them.  He would call me nightly and check in if I had sick puppies too.


We would always make a trip before puppies went to new homes to see dad.  He would always pick the cutest one in the bunch.  He would hold each one and talk to them.  The photo to the right was a litter a few years back and he was holding and loving on CJ.  You can see the love in his eyes and the gentleness in his big hands. 


We unfortunately didn't get to an age that the puppies could travel to see dad prior to his passing.  However, he was thrilled to know one of them was named after him.  We talked about them every time we visited and I would show him pictures.  It made us both smile.  This will fondly be remembered as my Swiss litter after my old Switzer of a dad.  Their registered names pay tribute to Dad's Swiss roots.


Remani's Do-Re-Mi (Fawn)

Remani's Swiss Miss (Fritzi)


Rest in Peace Dad, we love and miss you so much.     Fritz William Marti  4/15/1929 - 01/15/2021 

group 11.jpeg
fritzi pedigree.png



1 Week

wk 1 Fawn 1.jpeg
wk 1 Fawn 2.jpeg
wk 1 fritzi 1.jpeg
wk 1 fritzi 3.jpeg

2 Weeks

wk 2fawn 5.jpeg
wk 2 fawn 4.jpeg
wk 2 fritzi 4.jpeg
wk 2 fritzi 5.jpeg

3 Weeks

wk 3 fawn 7.jpeg
wk 3 fritzi 7.jpeg
wk 3 fawn 8.jpeg
wk 3 fritzi 8.jpeg

4 Weeks

wk 4 Fawn 15.jpeg
wk 4 fritzi 16.jpeg
wk 4 Fawn 16.jpeg
wk 4 fritzi 15.jpeg

6 Weeks

wk 6 Fawn 14.jpeg
wk 6 fritzi 14.jpeg
wk 6 Fawn 13.jpeg
wk 6 fritzi 13.jpeg

8 Weeks

wk 8 Fawn 11.jpeg
wk 8 fawn 10.jpeg
wk 8 fritzi 9.jpeg
wk 8 fritzi 10.jpeg
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