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Hello and welcome to the website for Remani Papillons.  We hope you enjoy learning about us and our dogs!  We will be making regular updates and hope you will come back and visit often.


We are a mother/daughter team (Danni and Emilie Peterson), living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We are a “farm” family who loves animals and enjoys the outdoors.  Jim and I have been married for more than 30 years.  We have 3 adult children: Jacob, Emilie, and Connor and 4 grandchildren (Lainey, Jinsley, Ida & LeeRoy James).  We have always had animals, both large and small, in our lives.

I was never a lover of small dogs until I met the Papillon.  Emilie started in dog 4H, at the age of 9.  It was a rough start, as she was struggling to train our 9-year-old black lab.  With the help of a friend, we rescued an 8-month-old Papillon named Buffy from a shelter in southern Oregon.  I quickly fell in love with this adorable little mismark, and looked forward to the day that I might have one of my own.  It didn’t take long for Emilie to discover the AKC show world, the perfect excuse to find a registered show dog!  We were fortunate to have many good breeders in our area and purchased (Pinpap’s Rockette N Tonnerre) “Roxie” from Claudia Clark (Pinpap).  The rest is history!


We are show breeders.  We love dog shows and exhibiting our dogs.  We do a very limited amount of breeding.  We strive to breed dogs that are not only beautiful, but also healthy, sound, and most importantly meet the AKC standard for the Papillon (link below).  We health test all of our dogs (cerf, patellas, hearts, PRA1 and NAD), and only use those who have passed the required health tests in our breeding program.   We also test for VWD1 and Factor 7.  Recently the PCA genetics committee recommended bile acid testing of breeding animals, so we are incorporating that as well.  All of our breedings are carefully planned.  We never breed just to breed or breed with the intent to sell puppies.  We breed to continue and improve our bloodlines.  The intent of these breedings is to produce our next "show" or "performance" prospect.  Any puppies not kept by us will be placed in very carefully selected pet /performance homes.  We like to keep in touch with our dogs and support our owners for the life of their pet and hopefully develop lifelong friendships with owners.  


Our dogs are part of our family, there is no such thing as "just a dog".  They live in the house with us, not in kennels.  Our dogs are crate trained but spend a very limited amount of time in a crate (eating and sleeping).  My adults are all house trained and puppies are litter box trained.  I have the luxury of working from home, and my dogs are my constant companions.  We work really hard to properly socialize our dogs and puppies with people and other dogs.  We practice ENS (Early Neuro Stimulation) techniques with our puppies to give them a head start.  Papillons should be lively and friendly, and temperaments are very important to me and our breed! 


The kennel name Remani (rah-maw-nee) is a tribute to our start in the breed.  The R is for Roxie, "em" for Emilie, and "ani" for Danni.


Emilie accomplished many goals as a junior including multiple trips to Eukanuba and Westminister.  She also earned many college scholarships, and somehow free dogs LOL!  She has expanded, through showing, into other breeds.  The list includes Afghan Hounds, Brittanys, and a lone Miniature Pinscher.  In the years since she has aged out of junior handling, we have been able to focus on finishing conformation titles on our dogs.  Emilie is an amazing handler, a good friend, but best of all, a wonderful daughter and person!  It’s been an exciting adventure together!  If not for Emilie, Papillons wouldn’t be a part of our lives.
































The Papillon is a very versatile dog.  While dainty and refined, don't be fooled, there is a lot of dog behind those butterfly ears.  They can be found excelling in many events, including but not limited to obedience, agility, tracking, and conformation.  They are highly intelligent and very trainable and are often used as service dogs.  Papillons are very devoted to people.


I have found with my dogs that they love to go when and where I go, whether that be on a long walk or for a ride in the car.  Many love to chase a ball or play fetch, but when you stop to sit, they love to be by your side or in your lap.  They really seem to focus on their people and try to please you and provide comfort and companionship.


The following is a link to the AKC Papillon Breed Standard:




I belong to the following organizations:



Papillon Club of Columbia River

Board Member


Willamette Toy Dog Fanciers

Sherwood Dog Training Club

Papillon Association of Puget Sound


Papillon Club of America

I am a member of the PCA Genetics Committee

PCA Genetics Committee Webmaster

2 x National Specialty Trophy Chair












Buffy, our rescue.  We believe she is Papillon and Sheltie
Cinder, our very first family dog who lived a wonderful life and just shy of 18 years.
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