Forever Homes 

Kessie (Remani's Silver Charm of Gracepoint)
Kessie of the Sith as she is sometimes called, now lives with her boy Ben in Washington.  She and Ben compete in 4H and agility events and are doing quite well!  She feels right at home as they too are very devoted Seahawk fans!!! Go Hawks!!
Natalie (Pinpap's Natalie)    5/3/2008 - 7/27/2019
Natalie is now a Canadian ... ehh!  She lives with Dawne.  Natalie is a beloved companion who plays fetch and tug with Dawne constantly.  They love walks together and have been doing some obedience training as well.
Hampton (Remani's Why Don't We Just Dance)
Hampton lives in Washington with Gladys.  He is a constant companion and lap dog.

Lacy (Remani's I Hope You Dance)



Lacy now lives in Eugene with Carolyn and is a spoiled only child.  Lacy helped fill the void left when Carolyn lost her 1st papillon.  I am so glad Lacy was available for her.

Mick (Remani's Kiss of Satisfaction)


Mick now lives in Utah with Mary.  He is a very devoted pet, he loves to play with his big friend Shadow, but loves playing ball with Mary the most.

Trace (Remani's Touch of Gold Spinillons)


Trace now lives in Las Vegas with Steve and Kristopher.  He loves to entertain them and play with his friend Eli.

Ryder (Remani's Shotgun Rider)

Ryder has found his calling as a lap dog and companion to Herschel.  He lives with Bonnie and Herschel in Eugene and is friends with the cutest Mini Aussie Bindi.  It was evident early that it would be a good fit when he snuggled on Herschel's chest for a nap.  

Click Ryder's photo to visit his litter page.

David {Semicvetik David Jacques-Louise CGC (RUS)}

David now lives with Carol on the Oregon Coast. 


David was delt a bad hand by his breeder.  Not doing proper testing before breeding produced a dog who is PRA affected.  David is by far one of the sweetest most loving dogs I have encountered.  He's lucky to have found a wonderful home close to me that will provide him the care and love his future may require.  I am grateful for wonderful loving pet owners who willingly accept a dog who may be special needs.   He lives with two other phalenes, a papillon and a cat.  He is enjoying his new yard and helping his mom garden.  He is also enjoying walks on the beach!  He will have a very full and rich life.  Maybe some day he will move to my performance page too.  Good luck my little friend, we do miss you but will see you often!

  Click David's Photo to visit his individual page.


Bunnie (Remani's I Hopped the Line)

Bunnie has moved to Beaverton and is living with Carol and George.  Bunnie is destined to a very spoiled life.  If you live in the area you may see her around town with Carol in a purse.  I am excited to get updates on this funny little girl.  Thank you Carol for giving Bunnie such a loving forever home!

Click Bunnie's photo to visit her litter page.


Shimmer(Remani's Get Your Shine On)

Shimmer now lives in Albany with Mary and Steve and their dog Pete.  She is getting a lot of one on one time and has a beautiful yard!  We miss her, but she's close and living a wonderfully spoiled life!

Click Shimmer's photo to visit her individual page.

Moxie(Remani's That Gal's Got Moxie)

Moxie now lives in Cohoes, NY with Brian.  She is one beautiful and special little girl who had my heart from the beginning.  It was difficult letting her go, especially so far away, but she has a wonderful home.  Moxie is on a mission to mend a heart that was broken when another beautiful and special little dog tragically lost her life way too soon.  She has a very devoted and loving dad and a sweet grandma who babysits her when he's working.  I look forward to hearing about her many adventures in NY!  She's living the good life.

Click Moxie's photo to visit her litter page.

Annie (Remani's Little Orphan Annie)

Annie now lives in Kent, Washington with Joanne and Brian.  Annie was supposed to be Joanne's puppy, but Joanne is having to fight Brian for her puppy time.  So cute, they truly love her and report that she is a wonderful and fun puppy who loves their grand children too.

Click Annie's photo to visit her litter page.

Keyla (Remani La Ren Keyla Wren)

Keyla now lives in Oregon City with Paula, Steve and new big sister Tiki.  She is fitting in well and learning the ropes.  Keyla looks forward to an RV traveling life with her family.  I look forward to hearing of her travels.  Thank you so much for loving this precious little one!

Click Keyla's photo to visit her litter page.

 JJ (La Ren Remani Smooth Talking Jay)

JJ has moved to Kalispell, MT with his new mom Linda.  He is her very first papillon.  He looks forward to a fun life of being an only child.  His mom has summers off and they will be doing a lot of RV traveling together.  We may even see them coming through Oregon.  I am so excited for JJ and Linda!  Happy tails little cowboy!

Click JJ's photo to visit his litter page.

Sera {Spinillons Serenade JW (UK)}

Sera has moved to Washington to live with Natalie.  She looks forward to being an only child and Natalie's new best friend.  They look forward to camping and hiking.  Natalie also looks forward to learning agility with Sera.  I am glad they will be close so we can visit and watch them compete.  We will miss Sera, but we are so happy she will have her own person and new adventures!

Click Sera's Photo to visit her individual page.

Lacey Lark (Remani's Skylark by La Ren)

Lacey has moved to Albany to live with cousin Shimmer and new Uncle Pete and her wonderful parents Mary and Steve.  We are very sad that she didn't make it to the show ring but her wonderful personality will take her far.  I am most excited that she will be close enough to visit regularly and I am so thankful for her wonderful home!

Click Lacey's Photo to visit her individual page.

June Scarlett (Remani's Wind Beneath My Wings)

June Scarlett (formerly Bette) has a new name and a fantastic new home with Jennifer, Tim and new big brother Jock!  The name June Scarlett is after Jennifer's Mother as she was a beautiful redhead too.  With a new name comes a new beginning.  June loves her big brother a very kind Parson Russel Terrier and they enjoy long country road walks and playing in their beautiful yard.  So often we hate to let our favorites go, but June was going to be too small to show and breed.  I love and miss this little bug, but she deserved a home of her own where she gets lots of individual time.  I look forward to being able to visit her and her family, and Jennifer and Tim want to come visit us at dog shows.  Thank you both so much for offering my redhead such a great home! 

Click June's Photo to visit her individual page.

 Opal (Remani's Black Opal)

Opal now lives with Toni in Vancouver.  She has a new home and spends her days entertaining her new mom.  Couldn't be happier that she's being a spoiled pet sharing her love!

 Click on Opal's photo to visit her individual page.

Pappy (Remani's X-Wing Fighter)

Pappy lives locally with Don and Cindy.  They are a retired couple who lost their papillon recently.  He lives on a farm with cats and other animals.  I received a call the day after they took him home from Don.  Don said I am bringing your mutt back because we are having entirely too much fun!  That was followed by at least two minutes of hysterical laughter.   Once he caught his breath he told me he was only joking that they love him to pieces and all about what a wonderful puppy he is.  My friend ran into them in town a few days later and they pulled over to tell her about Pappy and just how great he is.  She said they were all smiles, including Pappy.  I would say it's a good match!  

Click Pappy's Photo to visit his litter page.

Bandit x Darlyn.jpeg

Darlyn & Bandit (Remani's  You Don't Have to Call Me Darlin' and Remani's Bandit)

Darlyn and Bandit are moving to Lebanon to live with Greg, Sharlet and Rodney.  These two are in for a majorly spoiled life.  Lots of love and camping trips ahead for them.  Best thing is that they will be close and I can go visit them.

 Click on their photo to visit Darlyn's individual page.  On her page there is a link to Bandit's litter page as well.

Tyndall (Remani's Messages From Heaven)

 Click on her photo to visit Tyndall's individual page.  

Phin 2.jpeg

Phinneas(Remani's Star Gazer)

Phinneas or Phin is a twin of his sire in looks and name too.  He's bound to be a sweet and beautiful boy.  He's off to live with mom Donna and daughter Connie in Clackamas.  He is going to be a treasured and spoiled little man and will be doing some therapy work at some nursing home.  I am so excited for him and his new family.  I look forward to hearing of his adventures and visiting him too!  

 Click on Phin's photo to visit his litter page.

jyn Christmas.jpg

Jyn (Remani's Stardust by Finn)

Jyn is a super sweet and quiet girl.  We felt a quiet home would better suit her idea of the good life.  I always feel that dog owners show up at the right time every time!  Jeanine and Val are providing the perfect home for Jyn, they both work out of their home with Val being home full time.  She has a gorgeous yard and will also be spending some quality time in Mexico at their 2nd home.  She's a very lucky girl.  I cannot thank Val and Jeanine enough for working with our quiet girl and offering her a perfect opportunity to grow and enjoy their devoted love and attention. 

 Click on Jyn's photo to visit her page.


Haily (Remani's Starry Starry Night)

Haily (originally Gemini) has a very special home with Carol, George and Aunt Bunnie.  I couldn't be happier for her and them.   As a daughter of Amber it was a hard decision to make, but special pups deserve special homes.  I will get to visit her and Bunnie regulary.  Thank you Carol and George for providing such a wonderful home to our girls! 

 Click on Haily's photo to visit her litter page.


Jax (BonnieJean Fast and Furious to Remani)

Jax has moved way down south to Louisiana.  His new family lost their beloved Papillon and found me out of the blue.  There may be many miles between us, but I feel like we have known each other forever!  What a special couple to offer sweet little Jax such a great home!  Thank you Jeff and Michelle for loving Jax so much and providing him such a wonderful life!

 Click on Jax's photo to visit his page.

PETERSON 74  1 8x10.jpg

Bijoux (CH Remani's Something Blue)

Bijoux, formerly known as Baloux has found his forever home with Linda and lives not far from me up in a suburb of Portland.  Linda has never owned a dog before, but has owned a few pet birds and currently has a delightful and beautiful little bird named Pearl.  I had played with the idea of placing him if the perfect home came along.    It's a much quieter and peaceful life which is where I felt he would really thrive.  I love Linda's patience with him and she's doing a fantastic job of working through things and learning how to groom and care for him.  Linda gained a beautiful loving dog and I have gained another fun friend, but the real winner is Bijoux!

 Click on Bijoux's photo to visit his page.

Mavis (Remani's Me and My Shadow)

Mavis (formerly Tawney) has the best home in all of Benton County.  She joined big brother Beasiley and new parents Anastasia and Dylan.  Probably the prettiest puppy I have ever placed in a pet home.  Even though I am sad, I couldn't be happier for her and her new family.  She's already started puppy school and is learning new tricks.  Some day she may move over to my "Performance" page.  The best thing is she's only a quick drive away and I can keep in touch with her.

 Click on Mavis's photo to visit her litter page.

Brighton (CH Adaugeo In All Her Finery)

Brighton is entering a wonderful and early retirement.  How lucky is she that she also will join Mavis (her daughter), Beasiley, Anastasia and Dylan.  She is the sweetest and funniest little girl who captures everyone's heart.  Anastasia fell in love with her the first time they visited us and eventually asked if she could be her retirement home and little did we all know that would happen so soon.  I am so happy for Brighton, she's going to have a fun and enriched life of camping, hiking and being loved along with her daughter.  I cannot thank Anastasia and Dylan enough for providing such a loving home to both of the girls.  I am a very fortunate breeder to find such wonderful homes.

 Click on Brighton's photo to visit her page.

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