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Born February 2nd, 2020

Bred by  Danni & Emilie Peterson & Danae Fayard 




CH Adaugeo The Force Awakens at Remani


CH Adaugeo In All Her Finery


This litter is PRA1 and NAD clear by parentage

Click on photo to view pedigree.... coming soon.








litter 2 weeks.jpeg

Finn and Brighton produced two beautiful little groundhogs.  1 boy and 1 girl.

1 week



1 week fig head.jpeg
1 week fig body 2.jpeg


1 week tawney head.jpeg
1 week tawney body 2.jpeg

2 weeks

2 weeks fig head.jpeg
2 weeks fig profile.jpeg
2 weeks tawney head.jpeg
2 weeks tawney profile.jpeg

3 weeks

3 weeks fig head.jpeg
3 weeks fig profile.jpeg
3 weeks tawney head.jpeg
3 weeks tawney profile.jpeg

4 weeks

4 weeks fig head.jpeg
4 weeks fig profile.jpeg
4 weeks tawney head.jpeg
4 weeks tawney profile.jpeg

5 weeks

5 weeks fig head.jpg
5 weeks fig profile.jpeg
5 weeks tawney head.jpeg
5 weeks tawney profile.jpeg

6 weeks

6 weeks Fig head.jpeg
6 weeks Fig profile.jpeg
6 weeks Tawney head.jpeg
6 weeks Tawney profile.jpeg

7 weeks

7 weeks Fig head.jpeg
7 weeks Fig profile.jpeg
7 weeks Tawney head.jpeg
7 weeks Tawney profile.jpeg

8 weeks

fig 4.jpeg
fig 1.jpeg
tawney rabbit legs.jpeg
tawney ball color.jpeg

Unfortunately these are the last photos of Fig before we lost him.  You can visit our tribute to him by clicking the rainbow above.  We miss him dearly but are thankful his pain was minimal.

10 weeks

tawney front 1 .jpeg
tawney side 1.jpeg
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