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Your wings were ready, but my heart was not.

Rest easy my friends until we meet again at the Bridge.


If you click on their photo you can see their individual page.

roxie as pup.jpg

Pinpap's Rockette N Tonnerre

10/22/2004 > 12/6/2018

Roxie you were our foundation, my first papillon.  We had so many firsts together.  You taught me so much about our breed, and I hope that some day there will be another as beautiful and sweet as you.  My heart still aches to hold you one last time.  You were a once in a lifetime dog.  




05/20/2003 > 03/13/2019

On March 13th Buffy joined her best friend and keeper Roxie at the bridge.  I am so happy they have each other again.  Buffy was such a wonderful dog rescued from a shelter in Klamath Falls.  She is the whole reason we have papillons.  We will never know why she didn't work out in 3 homes before ours, but we are so thankful that she didn't because she was the most wonderful and perfect dog right up until the end.  We love you and miss you dearly sweet girl.  Fly free until we meet again. 


Pinpap's Natalie 

05/03/2008 - 07/27/2019

In July we received the very sad news that Natalie crossed the Rainbow Bridge joining up with her 1/2 sister Roxie.  

Natalie (AKA... Natters, Toaders and many other silly names) was such a beautiful and fun girl with just a touch of crazy from her mother PJ.  She blessed me with Wiloh (my first Bred By Champion and Grand Champion)  and friend and fellow breeder Kathy Hinds with her first champion (Justin).  I am so happy to have her great grand daughter Winnie here carrying on her beautiful grandmother's genes.

About 5 years ago Natalie moved to BC to live with Dawne.  They had a very special relationship.  Natalie easily adapted to walking with Dawne and her walker.  They spent many days playing tug and being good friends.  I am so thankful to Dawne for providing Natalie such a peaceful and loving retirement.  I know she is broken hearted as are we with the loss of this beautiful butterfly.  Fly free Natalie, we will meet again at the bridge.