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Owned by Others -- Click on the photos to visit their individual  pages.

Remani's Golden Mist of Gracepoint





Mistie is co-owned and bred with  Kristi Gerling. 

Remani's Heart of Gold CD TD RE NW-2 CGC



Nessa is owned by or owns Nola Ventura.  We are so proud of their success in rally, they are working on tracking titles now!

Remani's Lookin At Lucky Pinpap Spinillons



Charm is currently living a very charmed life in England with Jo Davidson-Poston.

BISS Remani's So You Think You Can Dance Spinillons SH CM



Tyce is now owned by Jo Davidson-Poston (Spinillons) in the UK.  Jo has done a wonderful job with Tyce.  He has made history being the first US imported papillon to earn the SH CM title.  We couldn't be more proud and we look forward to great things from them.

MACH3 C-atch Pinpap's Makin the Bedrock at Remani  MXS, MJC, OF, T2B2, PD, APD, PTM



Scooter was co-bred with Claudia Clark, and is now owned by Judy Bluett.  They are a super agility team! 

Remani's Ace Up His Sleeve at Waymar



Gambler is owned by Mary, Wayne and Karen Stenlund of Waymar Siberians and Papillons.



Remani's Shine Bright on Myfriend



Bree is owned by  Karen and Steve Baird of Myfriend Papillons.




Rudy has his forever name and forever home, with a job!  He is owned and loves his new mom Linda Ruedy. 


Remani's Avideius Cassius J AX AXJ

"C. J."


C. J. has moved north to Washington to live with Jenny.  C. J. has a new job and I am so excited to watch this pair compete in agility!  Welcome to the family Jenny!

Joy 1012 101319 WB.jpg

Remani's Make a Joyful Sound



Joy now lives with Hazel in Idaho.  Team Joy has started their show journey.  I enjoy hearing from Hazel about Joy's adventures.  These two were meant to be together and bring great Joy to one another.

raven 2020.jpeg

La Ren Rave On Remani



Raven is co-owned with La Ren Papillons, but is living with Janis.  I look forward to watching him in the ring and using him in the future.


Remani's Sir Dandy Lion CGC



Dandy now lives in Montana with Linda and his Uncle Jay.  Linda is interested in getting involved in dog shows.  If Dandy grows into his potential we will see Team Dandy in the ring soon.  Most importantly he has an amazing home.   

ZOOM 2.jpeg

MACH Remani's Catch Me If You Can MXB MJB NF TKN



Zoom moved to Chicago to play the great game of agility with Beth.  He was the most adventurous puppy in the yard, loving all of my practice obstacles.  I think he will be a natural in Beth's very capable training hands.  He joined her pack of success dogs and is living the good life of a pet who gets to play games too! I so look forward to watching him grow and learn.    

baxter grass.jpg

Remani's Colorado Cowboy Baxter Black



Baxter now lives in Washington with Jenny, CJ, Cleo and the cat.  He is fitting in quite well and is learning the ropes of being a farm dog from CJ.  He will get to play agility with Jenny when he grows up.  I am so excited for them and look forward to watching them perform in the future.  Thank you Jenny for offering another one of my boys such a fantastic, enriched and  loving home!

PETERSON 39   1 8x10.jpg

Remani's Heart Light CGC



Brynn is moving to Texas to live with my dear friend and fellow papillon lover Linda.  Brynn is a wonderful and beautiful little girl, all 4.2 pounds of her.  She's not likely ever going to be big enough to breed, and deserves to be treated like the princess she believes she is.  Linda fell in love with her over the summer and said if ever she was available she would love to have her.  She will live with Linda and her two wonderful boys Jay and Dandy.  If Brynn happens to have a growth spurt we will re-evaluate things.  Until that time comes she will be loved and spoiled.  Linda plans to show her in breed, obedience, & rally.  Thank you Linda for loving Brynn and the Boys!  

Photo Credit Vavra Photography 

Tina and Ember.jpeg

Remani's Ember of Ashwood



Ember is moving to McMinville to live with Tina and Kristen.  She has a busy and enriched life ahead.  She is going to do 4H with Kristen and when Kristen heads to college she is going to be Tina's obedience/performance partner.  I am excited to have them so close to me and look forward to working with and watching them in the ring together.  Thank you Tina and Kristen for loving Ember and giving her a fun filled future!

Cover Splash.jpeg

Remani's Miracles Happen



Mira, now Splash drove her way down to California and lives with Peggy.  They plan to do some agility, rally and maybe therapy work.  She was my pick puppy, but that ear failed to cooperate.  If by chance it should come up Peggy will show her too.  It made me super sad to place this little miracle girl, but everything happens for a reason.  Her entrance into the world was an event to remember and I bet she will make many wonderful memories with Peggy as well.  Have a happy life sweet Splash!  Thank you Peggy for offering her an enriched and loving home.





Flyer is going to be close by.  He will live just south of us with Nancy.  We are excited to see what this boy will do in life.  He has the attitude to do it all.  Nancy hopes to do obedience/rally and nose work, but who knows there may be more fun ahead for him.  Thank you Nancy for offering Flyer such a fun and exciting life!

1 maui Janice.jpeg

Remani's You're Welcome



Koloa is living in Southern Oregon with Janice and Dan.  He is a great addition to their family and loving their grand children and their other dogs.  Janice and Koloa plan to do performance events, and if showing in breed happens to work out he will try that too.  I am super excited to watch this team and what they will accomplish!

Sunny Gotcha Day.jpeg

Remani's Do You See What I See



Sunny now lives with Betty up in the Portland Metro Area.  They will be doing Rally and Obedience.  Sunny has won over his Sheltie brother Merlin and is teaching him to play papillon games!  I am so excited for Team Sunny.  Betty is already doing so much with him and he's mentally growing and learning every day.  I love it when the stars line up for my dogs!

8 wks comet profile.jpeg

Remani's Space Dust



Vince has moved to Washington with Judy.  He's not her first papillon and joins a cousin who has done super well under Judy's training.  Vince will learn Rally and Agility.  We look forward to cheering them on in their adventures.  Thank you Judy for offering him a great home!

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