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Born August 1st, 2023

Bred by Danni & Emilie Peterson



Remani's Shooting Star

CH Riesa N Passionpaps Grand Adventure With Riffraff

1 havoc.jpeg
halley couch.jpeg

This litter is PRA 1 and NAD clear by parentage.


Copy of Bianca's Pedigree

Bianca pedigree.jpeg

Jelly Bean

NB Celeste head.jpeg


NB Comet head.jpeg
NB Celeste Body.jpeg
NB Comet Body.jpeg


NB Cosmo head.jpeg
NB Cosmo Body.jpeg


NB Bianca Head.jpeg
NB Bianca Body.jpeg

1 week:

1w celeste head.jpeg
1w comet head.jpeg
1w cosmo head.jpeg
1w bianca head.jpeg
1w celeste profile.jpeg
1w comet profile.jpeg
1w cosmo profile.jpeg
1w bianca profile.jpeg

2 weeks:

2w celeste head.jpeg
2w comet head.jpeg
2w cosmo head.jpeg
2w bianca head.jpeg
2w celeste profile.jpeg
2w comet profile.jpeg
2w cosmo profile.jpeg
2w bianca profile.jpeg

3 weeks:

3 wks Jelly head.jpeg
3 wks jelly profile.jpeg
3 wks comet head.jpeg
3 wks comet profile.jpeg
3 weeks cosmo head.jpeg
3 weeks cosmo profile.jpeg
3 weeks bianca head.jpeg
3 weeks bianca profile.jpeg

4 weeks:

4wks jelly head.jpeg
4 wks comet head.jpg
4 wks cosmo head.jpg
4 wks bianca head.jpg
4wks jelly profile.jpeg
4 wks comet profile.jpeg
4 wks cosmo profile.jpeg
4wks bianca profile.jpeg

5 Weeks

5 wks jelly head.jpg
5 wks jelly profile.jpeg
5 wks comet head.jpg
5 wks comet profile.jpeg
5 wks cosmo head.jpg
5 wks cosmo profile.jpeg
5 wks bianca head.jpg
5 wks bianca profile.jpeg

6 weeks:

6 weeks jelly head.jpeg
6 weeks comet head.jpeg
6 weeks jelly profile.jpeg
6 weeks comet profile.jpeg
6 weeks cosmo head.jpeg
6 weeks bianca head.jpeg
6 weeks cosmo profile.jpeg
6 weeks bianca profile.jpeg

8 weeks:

Remani's Star Running With The Big Dogs

Remani's Space Dust

Remani N Riesa's Starbright at Rokila

Remani's Once In A Blue Moon

8 wks Jelly profile.jpeg
8 wks Jelly.jpeg
8 wks comet profile.jpeg
8 wks comet.jpeg
8 wks cosmo profile.jpeg
8 wks bianca profile.jpeg
8 wks cosmo.jpeg
8 wks bianca.jpeg
puppy pile 2.jpeg
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