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Pile of Puppies

Pile of Puppies (POP) is an amazing charity started by Jennifer Thompson Trepanier.  It brings joy to children in our communities that are medically fragile or battling chronic illness.  Jennifer sets up home or hospital visits with children, their families and puppies!  What's better than puppies to provide love and happiness and a way to escape the worries of the world for an hour?  I personally can't think of anything!

I am very proud that we were the first litter of papillons to do a POP visit.  Below is the story of each patient we have visited and some pictures taken during those visits.

As a breeder and volunteer I would encourage other breeders to get involved.  A safe environment is provided for your puppies and you can supervise the entire visit.  It is an amazing experience to share your puppies with families during a difficult time in their lives.  It provides them so much joy and your puppies get an awesome socialization experience.  Truly a win win for everyone!

Pile of Puppies is a 503 (c) (3) charity, which means all donations are completely tax deductible.   Please consider a donation to them.  

Click the butterfly below to visit POP's website.  Learn more about them or make a donation.





Meet 18 year old Maddie! She is a true warrior as she is moving through her second diagnosis of cancer. She shared with us that it has been the power of true ...friendship and having an incredible family that has helped her move through cancer. She is witty and has a spark for life. Her passions are around human rights, freedom of expression, art, makeup and cancer awareness. We were thrilled to surround her with the most joyous Papillons we have ever met! (Written by POP) 


This was a highlight of 2017, and I cannot wait for another opportunity to share again!


January 26th, 2018

Meet Lyla, a vivacious nine year old cheerleader who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Lyla and her families positive attitude is contagious. They are all lovers of dogs and couldn't wait to have a POP!

This was such a wonderful visit.  Lyla is a courageous little girl, and I feel confident she's going to do amazing things in the future.  One of them might even be owning a papillon :)  We look forward to keeping in touch with her and her mom.


March 2nd, 2018

Sweet sweet vivacious three year old Claire has an inoperable brain tumor and today she was in sheer bliss! It was so beautiful to see her Nana and Mama bond with her over the cutest giggles. She was truly ecstatic to see these bouncing Papillons.

Claire was a lot of fun and completely enjoyed the puppies.  Such a sweet little girl who about halfway through our visit started bringing her own toys into the pen to share with the puppies.  They enjoyed her.   Amber's jumping for a toy brought her the absolute biggest laughs.

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