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The Girls --  Click on the photos to visit their individual pages.

Pinpap's Rockette N Tonnerre


"Roxie"    10/22/2004 > 12/6/2018  Visit her tribute on our Over the Rainbow page.


Roxie was the foundation of Remani Papillons.  She put the "R" in Remani, and was my heart dog.  Roxie is greatly missed by us, but we are so thankful that she was healthy and happy until the end.  Her beauty and sweet disposition are so missed in our home.  I am so happy to have her daughter, great and great great grand daughters here to carry on.  She also has a couple of grandsons and great grandsons in Ireland and Europe as well.

Remani's Kiss N Get Off My Cloud



Skye had a bout of aspiration pneumonia at 13 months of age, and nearly died.  In follow up to the pneumonia we did an echo of her heart and found that she has a mitral valve regurge approximately every 15-20 beats.  It may or may not progress, and at nearly 14+ she still has no audible murmur.  Rather than risking passing it on or stressing her heart with pregnancy she was spayed.  Skye has enjoyed showing in Veterans.   She is a spoiled rotten red dog, who is dearly loved.

PETERSON 54  1 8x10.jpg
GCH CH Remani's Win In The Wil-Ohs CGC




Wiloh is the first bred by grand champion of Remani.  Visit her page to see her offspring.  Wiloh is now retired from both showing and breeding.  She is now living with co-owner Linda Volcek in Texas and will be showing with her in Veterans when available.  Who knows maybe they will do some obedience too.  So fun to share her with some who loves her as much as I do.

amber 7.JPG



amber ps 3.jpeg

Remani's Shooting Star


Fritzi National.jpeg

Remani's Swiss Miss 



Remani's I Love You To The Moon


I am in love with this fiesty little girl!  She is full of life and showing great promise.  She so reminds me of her grandma, so I look forward to seeing what her future holds

Bee Silverfalls 031023.jpeg

Riesa N Passionpaps Little Bees Knees for Remani


Some days you get super lucky and that's how I feel about this little girl!  I am so excited and thankful that Darlene has allowed her to come live with us.  She is a very sweet and loving girl!  We are excited about her future!

Holli 4 to 6 Puppy BOB Toy Grp 3.jpeg

Remani's Deck The Halls


Holli is co-owned with Madeline and lives with Uncle Thor.  We are excited that Holli will be a shared girl with our new friend!  I cannot wait to watch them in the ring together!

Briar 10 weeks front.jpeg

Remani's A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 


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