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Born October 11th, 2023

Bred by  Darlene Kelly & Danni  Peterson




CH Adaugeo The Force Awakens at Remani


AKC & CAN GCH CH Riesa's Just Little Anarchy


This litter is PRA1 and NAD clear by parentage








Jemma pups 2_edited.jpg

Finn and Jemma had two very handsome boys.



NB binx.jpeg
NB binx body.jpeg


NB TIG.jpeg
NB TIG body.jpeg

1 week

1 wks binx.jpeg
1 wks binx profile.jpeg
1 wks tig.jpeg
1 wks tig profile.jpeg

2 weeks

2 wks binx.jpeg
2 wks binx profile.jpeg
2 wks TIG.jpeg
2 wks TIG profile.jpeg

3 weeks

3 wks binx.jpeg
3 wks binx profile.jpeg
3 wks TIG.jpeg
3 wks TIG profile.jpeg

5.5 weeks

z 5.5 weeks binx head.jpeg
z 5.5 weeks binx.jpeg
z 5.5 weeks tig head.jpeg
z 5.5 weeks TIG.jpeg

8 weeks

Remani N Riesa's Once Upon a SunDream

Asher Front.jpeg
Asher Profile.jpeg

Riesa N Remani's Only A Touch of Anarchy

8 weeks beau front.jpeg
8 weeks beau profile.jpeg
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