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Born December 3rd, 2023

Bred by  Darlene Kelly & Danni  & Emilie Peterson




GCH CH Show Elveras Grand Master


CH Riesa N Passsionpaps Little Bees Knees for Remani

Bee WB BOW BOS Papillon club of Iowa official.jpeg
Bee and babies 1_edited.jpg

Dominic and Bee had mirror image pups 1 girl and 1 boy.

Queenie Pedigree_edited_edited.jpg



1 day girl head.jpeg
1 day girl body.jpeg

Remani N Riesa's Queen Bee


1 day boy head.jpeg
1 day boy body.jpeg

Riesa N Remani's Quest for Adventure

1 week

1 wk girl head.jpeg
1 wk girl profile.jpeg
1 wk boy head.jpeg
1 wk boy profile.jpeg

2 weeks

2 wks girl head.jpeg
2 wks girl profile.jpeg
2 wks boy head.jpeg
2 wks boy profile.jpeg

3 weeks

3 wks girl head.jpg
3 wks girl profile.jpg
3 wks boy head.jpg
3 wks boy profile.jpg

4 weeks

4 wks girl head.jpg
4 wks girl profile.jpg
4 wks boy head.jpg
4 wks boy profile.jpg

5 weeks

5 wks girl head.jpg
5 wks girl profile.jpg
5 wks boy head.jpg
5 wks boy profile.jpg
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