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CH Remani's Driving Miss Daisy by BonnieJean



Date of Birth 10/28/2018

CHIC #  150919

PRA1 Normal/Clear by parentage

NAD clear/normal by parentage


Bred by:  Danni Peterson, Bonnie Kost & Emilie Peterson  

Owned by:  Anastasia Engebretson

missy 5.JPG


CH Adaugeo The Force Awakens at Remani









UCH BonnieJean Just Alice

alice 2.jpg
pedigree finn x alice.jpg

AKC Points

Champion requirements:

Points: 20         Majors: 2

Grand Champion requirements:

Points: 0        Majors: 0

Events w/CH Defeated: 0

6 weeks

Missy 6 weeks.jpeg
missy 6 weeks 2.jpeg

8 weeks

missy 8 weeks front.jpeg
missy 8 weeks profile 1.jpeg
Missys first point.jpg
May 10th, 2019 Missy's first show.  She was Winners Bitch for her first point.  She went on to be Winners Bitch the other two days we showed.  She took home 3 shiny new points her first weekend out.  She's such a fun little girl.
Missy Wagon1.jpg
Missy Wagon 2.jpg
Missy Lying .jpg
June 30th, 2019 we had a photo shoot with Jerry and Marty Vavra.   These are just a few of their beautiful photos.  Missy was 8 months.  It's fun to compare her to those taken of Finn at 7 months
July 2019 national missy sweeps .jpg
July 2019 national missy .jpg
Missy standing 1.jpg
missy 9.JPG
missy 10.JPG
missy 7.JPG
December 18th, 2021 - Missy had a singleton sired by Thor.  She was such a fun little spit fire.  Her human parents have done an excellent job of training her and providing a great home.  Here are a few photos of her from her 1st 12 weeks.  
pebbles 1 day head.jpeg
pebbles 1 day profile.jpeg


1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks top
6 weeks bottom

pebbles 1 week 2.jpeg
pebbles 1 week profile .jpeg
pebbles 3 weeks.jpeg
pebbles 3 weeks 2.jpeg
pebbles 4 weeks .jpeg
Pebbles 6 weeks.jpeg
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