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Born November 23rd, 2022

Bred by Danni & Emilie Peterson



GCHB CH Delyteful and Twilight Rumor Has It



Remani's Shooting Star


This litter is PRA1 and NAD clear by parentage

Rumor and Halley gave us two boys and a girl.








Halley x Rumor.jpeg
puppy box 2.jpg



1 day Sunny nb head.jpeg
1 day sunny nb body.jpeg


1 day Holli nb head.jpeg
1 day Holli body.jpeg

1 Weeks

1 week head sunny.jpeg
1 week head holli.jpeg
1 week profile sunny.jpeg
1 week profile holli.jpeg

3 Weeks at Camp Baird

3 weeks Sunny head.jpeg
3 weeks holli head_edited.jpg


1 day moose nb head.jpeg
1 day Moose body.jpeg
1 week head moose.jpeg
1 week profile moose.jpeg
3 weeks moose head.jpeg

4 Weeks

4 weeks sunny head.jpeg
4 weeks holli head.jpeg
4 weeks sunny profile.jpeg
4 weeks holli profile.jpeg
4 weeks moose head.jpeg
4 weeks moose profile.jpeg

6 Weeks

6 weeks Sunny.jpeg
6 weeks Holli.jpeg
6 weeks moose .jpeg
6 weeks Sunny profile.jpeg
6 weeks Holli Profile.jpeg
6 weeks moose profile.jpeg

8 Weeks

8 weeks Sunny 3.jpg
8 weeks Holli 2.jpg
8 weeks Moose .jpg
8 weeks Sunny Profile.jpg
8 weeks Holli profile.jpg
8 weeks Moose Profile.jpg

16 Weeks

Remani's Do You See What I See

Sunny 4_edited.jpg
Sunny 4.5 months profile.jpeg

Remani's Deck The Halls

Holli 4.5 Months.jpg.jpeg
Holli 4.5 Months profile.jpg

Moxie's Bull Moose From Remani

Moose 2.jpeg

This fun photo was a shoot done with the Amazing Carol Wolfram!  She's so talented and skilled with the dogs!  I cannot wait to do another one sometime.

1 rumor halley pedigree.jpeg

Above is the Litter's Pedigree, it was only ordered for Holli

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